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California apricots are the first stone fruit to arrive this season, but they're also some of the first stone fruit to go, typically lasting until July. California produces more than 90% of the nation's commercially grown apricots. Get them while you can! Cherries The California cherry season runs from May until August.

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Stone fruit orchards in California are heavy with sweet and succulent apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums and pluots. OGC recently had the opportunity to visit several of our incredible grower partners in the Central Valley to reconnect and see how this season's fruit is coming along.

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Fertilize young trees monthly. Use 0.5 lb. urea or 25 lb. manure/tree/appl. Mature trees need 50% more. Water fertilizer in. If drip irrigated, do not exceed 1 oz. urea/emitter/mo. Drip irrigate daily or sprinkler irrigate about every 3 weeks. Maintain a weed free area around the base of the trees within 3 ft. of the trunk with an organic mulch.

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Blueberry season in California reaches its peak, and blackberries join the fray. The stone fruit variety grows with plums and pluots accompanying the peaches and nectarines from last month. The northern and southern California seasonal produce charts display similarities in June, with both regions harvesting tomatoes, corn, and bell peppers.

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A Simple Stone Fruit and Burrata Salad. California's abundant sunshine, fertile soil, and unique microclimates have made the state famous for growing the world's finest fruit - including all types of stone fruit! The cherries, peaches, apricots, and plums in this salad are succulent, tender, and literally bursting with flavor.

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California fall fruit preview. In California, September's arrival signals a transition from stone fruits and summer berries to autumn favorites such as pomegranates, citrus, table grapes and.

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The harvesting season for most common stone fruits is late spring through early fall. Apricots, plums, peaches, and nectarines are at their peak in the summer season and are the perfect satisfying treat. For some palates, a ripe apricot is too soft and sweet, while the snappy skin of the plum can be too tart—so try an aprium or a pluot!

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The California stone fruit season is at its peak. Favorable growing conditions have increased supplies compared to years past. Peaches. The season will wrap up in mid-October; Size is dominated by large sizes (54- and 56-count fruit) Quality is very good: sugar levels typically range from 10 to 11 Brix;

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Southern California Seasonal Produce Guide. By Russ Parsons. Feb. 27, 2020 4:58 PM PT . Facebook; Twitter; Show more sharing options;. Apricots and apriums, like all stone fruit, will continue.

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Nectarines, red cherries, peaches, and apricots have started to appear in markets across California, which can only mean one thing: it's officially stone fruit season! California produces more than 80% of the nation's stone fruit. 70% of America's peaches are grown here, along with 95% of apricots, 95% of fresh plums, and a whopping 99%.

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Food. The Holy Grail of stone fruit is in season. Get it while (and if) you can. Greengage plums from Andy's Orchard. Greengages, which are not widely cultivated in the U.S., have a distinct.

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The peak harvesting season in California runs from April through June, when up to 10 million pint baskets of strawberries are shipped daily. The largest producing state, California harvests 83% of the strawberries grown in the U.S. on approximately 24,500 acres. And with about 5,000 commercial acres, Florida is the second largest producing state.

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Clockwise from top left: Nectarines, Rainier cherries, white peaches, apricots, black plums, Saturn/donut peaches, red plums, (more) apricots, black plums and sweet.

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The California stone fruit season is just around the corner. Volume will ramp up quickly through the month of May. Size is dominated by small fruit (volume-filled 12- and 14-count packs); larger sizes will be available by the end of next week. Quality is good: sugar levels range between 12 and 16 Brix (sweetness/flavor will peak in mid-May)

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July 15, 2021 6 AM PT. This is the first in a four-part series on preserving fruit at home called " L.A. in a Jar .". Cooking columnist Ben Mims kicks off with a deep dive into stone fruit. In.

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"What a difference one year makes," said Bianca Kaprielian, Fruit World co-founder and CEO. "2020 was a bumpy stone fruit season in California, but this year we had enough chill hours and favorable weather, and the trees are full of great looking fruit."

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