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Sizes of cakes and estimated number of servings. See also: cake pans The number of servings shown are merely estimates. Richer cakes provide more servings.

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The Three Common Sheet Cake Sizes:. A full-sheet cake (18 x 24 inches, requiring approximately 16 cups of batter) serves up to 80 people.Meanwhile, 1/2 sheet cake (18 x 12 inches and using 7 to 8 cups of batter) should be enough for 36-48 guests.And the smallest option, 1/4 sheet cake (9 x 13 inches, up to 4 cups of batter), can feed 20-24 people. Like other cake types, sheet cakes come in.

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The standard size of round cakes lies between 8 to 9 inches. But commonly, you will find other variations from 6 inches as the smallest to 12 inches as the biggest. 4-inch round cakes often called mini cakes or smash cakes, are also gaining popularity.

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Sheet Cake Size Guide. Sheet cake pan sizes may vary by manufacturer. We listed some common full, half, and quarter sizes as well as how many customers you can feed with each type of pan. Full Sheet Cake Servings. 18" x 26" x 2" Serving Size 2" x 2": 117 Servings; Serving Size 2" x 3": 78 Servings; 18" x 24" x 2" Serving Size 2" x 2.

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Dynamic Cake Serving Chart. Select your moulds and number of layers for each. You will get the total number of services as well as the cake dimension. Each cake layer is assumed to be around 5.5cm. Party Servings Wedding Servings. Cake Layer height : ≈5.5cm including buttercream. Mould. (inch) Layers.

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Sheet cakes come in three standard sizes—full-sheets, half-sheets, and quarter-sheets, which measure 18 × 26 inches, 13 × 18 inches, and 9 × 13 inches, respectively. Knowing how much surface area each sheet cake size provides is the first step to knowing how many guests you can feed. In the following sections, I'll explain how you can.

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16" square. 40 cm. 128 servings. 80 servings. 44. 80-90 mins. Number of Servings in A 2-Layered Square Cake. *These serving sizes are based on each slice of cake being between 1 to 2 inches thick. You want each slice to be at least 1 inch thick, but no more than 2 inches thick.

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Standard wedding cake servings are 1-inch by 2-inch slices, while a larger party-size slice is 1.5-inches by 2-inches. Many bakers also offer wedding cake tiers that are 4-inches or 5-inches tall.

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Commonly, wedding cakes are designed to serve around 1″x2″ or 2″x2″ slices. The dimensions of the cake tiers and the number of tiers will determine the overall number of servings. Most wedding cakes are 4″ to 6″ tall once frosted. Some cakes will be made of 2 or 3 layers for each cake.

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Cake serving size can vary depending on the shape of your cake and who's in charge of cutting! For the purposes of this chart, party serving amounts are based on cake slices that measure about 1½ x 2 inches in size. Wedding servings are based on slices that measure about 1 x 2 inches in size. Remember that number of servings are intended as.

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My recipes written for 4 layer 6-inch cakes or 3 layer 8-inch cakes = 9 Cups of batter. 1 box of cake mix = 4 to 6 Cups of batter. Note that the chart below has batter amounts for filling the pans ½ to ⅔ full. Any less full and you'll end up with pancake-like cake layers and any more full and you risk the chance of the pan overflowing.

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Types of Cake Servings. While standard layer cakes (usually square or round) serve 16 to 160 people, tier cakes should be enough for 20 to over 210 people, depending on the tier counts and heights. Sheet cakes equal 54 to 192 servings for parties; meanwhile, less conventional options like hexagon/heart-shaped cakes are suitable for guest counts.

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Square Cake Pans. Square cake pan sizes are very similar to round cake pan sizes. The most common size in this category is either the 8 by 8 or 9 by 9-inch pan, and you can get 24 to 32 servings. Like round cakes, you may find directions for cooking this size on many boxed cake mixes.

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If you make the serving size slightly bigger to 1.5-inches wide, it can be distributed among 24 people. For more generous serving sizes of around 2.5-inches, a 10-inch cake can be enjoyed by around 12 people. A square 10-inch cake, on the other hand, is much bigger than a round one and can accommodate around 50 people with a 1-inch-wide serving.

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For big events and birthdays, you can get up to 64 servings out of just one layer! Round cakes should be cut from the centre outwards, with a 2 inch gap between each slice. The portion guide below is based on a single layer, but you can layer up to get more servings from a cake. For instance, making a double layer cake means thinner slices but.

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4-inch: 8 servings6-inch: 10 servings8-inch: 20 slices10-inch: 30 servings12-inch: 48 servings. While most people associate square cake pans with brownies, they can also be used to create cakes. The most popular sizes are 8 or 9 inches square, but like round cake pans, they come in all sorts of sizes that can be used to create intricate tiered.

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