Clawson Potted Blue Stilton Cheese 225g Woolworths

Hartington Potted Blue Stilton Cheese 200g Hartington Creamery

Pack into ramekins or an attractive ceramic pot/s. Melt a little butter and pour over the top of the cheese to form a thin seal. Scatter the walnuts over the top & press them in slightly, then leave it to set. Refrigerate for up to a week. Serve after dinner with crackers or hot, toasted rye bread, with a ripe pear alongside.

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Stilton Potted. £ 22.95 - £ 43.95. Weight. Categories Cheese, English Cheese. Our own pots (made by David Small in West Wales) and Cropwell Bishops fine blue Stilton make a classic treat or gift all year round. If chilled your Stilton will keep for weeks and weeks. Origin. English Cheese. Cheese Type.

Potted Blue Stilton with Port

Powered by. Place butter into a mixing bowl and beat until soft. Add Stilton cheese and beat with butter until creamy (not smooth). Work breadcrumbs into mixture and add port until combined. Place mixture into an earthenware pot or ramekin dishes, cover and refrigerate. Allow Stilton to reach room temperature before serving.

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Buy Online. Our potted Stilton makes a beautiful gift and is filled with our classic Blue Stilton. With the same tangy flavour and velvety-soft texture as our classic Stilton, our potted Stilton is presented in a beautiful ceramic jar that make it a perfect for friends and family. Our potted Blue Stilton is suitable for vegetarians. Share with.

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Hartington crumbed blue Stilton is potted into this beautiful ceramic pot and is ideal as a gift for any celebration. Our amazing Derbyshire Stilton is handmade and the only one allowed to be made outside of Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Hartington Stilton was a Bronze winner at the 2021 and Gold winner at the 2015 International Cheese.

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Potted Stilton. This is a great way to store Stilton and is delicious served on toast or over your beef burger. Mash the Stilton with about 2 teaspoons of ruby port and a little butter until smooth. Spoon into a sterile ramekin dish and flatten the top, then seal with a little melted butter. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

Clawson Potted Blue Stilton 100g

Potted Stilton, elegantly stored within a jar, boasts an impressive shelf life. Typically, it retains its peak quality for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. This period encapsulates the optimal window to relish the rich, creamy texture and distinctive flavor. Embarking on a culinary journey with Potted Stilton nestled in a jar promises a delectable.

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Traditional Potted Stilton, 200g Jar. £14.95. (£14.95 each) Catalogue code: 2002982. Add to Bag. Product Description. Nutrition and Ingredients. This Nottinghamshire version of the 'King of Cheeses' is creamy and sweet with a heavily veined texture and predictably full flavour. From the last family-owned Stilton producer in the UK, this.

Hartington Potted Blue Stilton Cheese 200g Hartington Creamery

STEP 1. Mash the stilton with 50g softened butter. Divide between 4 pots or jars and smooth the tops. Melt another 50g butter, stir in the green peppercorns in brine, drained well and crushed, and the yellow mustard seeds. Pour enough over each pot to seal in the cheese and chill to set. Serve with thin celery sticks, wheat crackers or thinly.

Hartington Potted Blue Stilton Cheese 200g Hartington Creamery

Our Blue Stilton has a rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in the mouth. We craft this cheese slowly by hand, using methods that have changed little since the 17th century.. Potted Blue Stilton with Port. £14.50. Potted Stilton. £12.50. Large Potted Stilton. £35.00. Sign Up To Our Newsletter

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Potted Stilton with Port: British food giant, Waitrose, suggests you whip your Stilton with Port and green peppercorns. Cheesemongers, close your ears. Potted Stilton with Mascarpone: The Poetry of Food website recommends that you "blitz" your blue bits with soft cheese, sea salt, and good sherry for a popular Edwardian treat.

Clawson Potted Blue Stilton Cheese 225g Woolworths

Long Clawson potted Stilton is a Christmas classic. Rich creamy blue Stilton is presented in a beautiful jar, which make it perfect for giving as a gift or simply enjoying with friends and family. Spoon out of the jar, slather on crackers, top with truffle honey, pickled figs or anything sweet that tickles your fancy and wash down with some red wine or even a splash more port.

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Method. STEP 1. Put the stilton, 100g of the butter and sherry in a bowl. Season with a few grinds of black pepper, then mash together well with a fork until smooth. Spoon the mixture into a large, sterilised ramekin or ceramic pot. STEP 2. Melt the remaining butter in a small pan. Spoon over the cheese mixture, making sure it's completely.

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An award winning cheese, the Clawson potted blue stilton is recognized as the UK Supreme Champion Cheese at the Global Cheese awards. It is made in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir by Master Cheesemakers who began crafting cheese over 100 years ago. Each individual Stilton is individually graded and hand-selected by Master Cheesemakers to.

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The finest Stilton is produced by the gentle hand-ladling of the curds. This practice dates back to the 18th century when Stilton was first made. Today it still produces cheese that is somehow richer and creamier, with a deep and complex flavour. Now The Fine Cheese Co. are able to offer this quality of Stilton in a pot. Made in Nottinghamshire.

Potted Blue Stilton Cheese in a Ceramic Jar, Port Wine, Pear and Stock

Step 1. Process cheese, butter, and cayenne in a food processor until coarse purée forms. Season to taste with black pepper. Pack Stilton butter into a crock, smoothing top with a butter knife.

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