Nam Ngu fish sauce 500ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

Nam Ngu fish sauce 500ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

Description:Moi Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce Nuoc Mam Ngon Vi Suc Kho Usage: Use as a dip, marinate, spice in cooking and daily meals. Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Close the lid tightly after use. Allergy Advice: Contains FishIngredients:Water (41%), Anchovy Extract (33%), Salt (19%), Sugar

Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 750ML Asia Grocery

Nam Ngu Fish Sauce. Introduction. Nam Ngu Fish Sauce made from fresh anchovies delivers a perfectly balanced, delicious flavor, requiring no additional adjustments. Product has clear, square-shaped plastic bottle with an attractive long neck design. Product weight. 500ml, 750ml, 900ml, 1,2L . TVC. Poster.

ChinSu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 750ml Asian Pantry Asian Grocery

Nam Ngu fish sauce 10 degrees protein 500ml bottle with a closed line with fresh anchovy ingredients creates a delicious, rich flavor, attractive color. Ingredients: Anchovy fish sauce, salt water, sugar, flavor enhancer, acidity regulator, synthetic salmon flavor, stabilizer, food color, gardenia fruit extract, synthetic sweetener, preservative.

Nam Ngu fish sauce 500ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

Launched in 2007, Nam Ngu Fish Sauce is a mass market product and has quickly become Vietnam's favorite fish sauce, synonymous among consumers with health and tastiness. Nam Ngu II was launched in August 2009, targeting consumers looking for an affordable and safe alternative to unbranded produce. We are a cutting edge high-tech bank blending.

Nam Ngu fish sauce 500ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

Combine water and sugar in a bowl. Optional: heat 1/3 of the water, then mix in to make dissolving the sugar easier, then add the rest of the water. Add lime or lemon juice in increments until you like how it tastes. A good guide is it should taste like lemonade/limeade.

Nam Ngu fish sauce 750ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 650ml (Yellow Label) Main ingredients (>95%): anchovy fish sauce (fish, salt), salt water, sugar Other ingredients (<5%): flavor enhancer (621, 640, 639, 635), synthetic and natural flavors, acidity regulator (330), D-xylose sugar, preservative (211) , stabilizer (415), food coloring (150a, 120), gardenia extract, synthetic.

Nuoc Mam Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 500ml 1Pack (8 Chai x 500ml) Shopee

For your information, "Nam Ngu", Chinsu's so called "High end" fish sauce is no fish sauce at all. Information found on its label (Under strong magnification, as they are tiny in print) show the product name "Nước Chấm" (Sauce) and not "Nước Mắm" (Fish sauce.


Nam Ngu Phu Quoc Premium Fish Sauce, Famous Brand From Vietnam - 16.9 ; Phu Quoc fish sauce has a great contribution in gaining the name of Vietnam in the world fish sauce shortlist. Item net weight: 16.9 Oz ; Frequently bought together.

Nam Ngu fish sauce 750ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

The quality of Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 900ML is particularly well known by the ingredients. Any fish can make fish sauce, but Masan producers only use fresh fish. These fishes are caught right from the seas near the enclosures built. To ensure freshness, fish will be mixed with salt right on the boat after catching.

Nam Ngu fish sauce 750ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

Chinsu Nam Ngu Photo: Shopee. If you're making soup, stock or broth then Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce is the perfect match to enhance the flavors. Besides that, you can most definitely use this while cooking other dishes as well. As we know, cooking is truly all about experimenting and being creative. Get it on Shopee for RM5.98

Nam Ngu fish sauce 500ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

Items like the Masan Nam Ngu Phu Quoc Premium Fish Sauce are sourced from the highest quality brands at the best prices. Discover everyday, new and exciting items here at Weee! Satisfaction guaranteed. Search products. Search. English. Categories. New Arrivals. Best-Sellers. On Sale. Global+. 0 item.

ChinSu Nam Ngu De Nhi Fish Sauce 900ml (Vietnamese) Shopee Malaysia

Chinsu Nam Ngu fish sauce 900ml. Manufacturer: Masan Brand: Nam Ngu Chinsu Packaging: 15 bottles/carton Product origin: Vietnam Shelf life (months): 12 Language text: Vietnamese Delivery time: within 2 weeks. Id product: Price/carton: Contact. View: 3727. Order here PRODUCT INFORMATION;

Nam Ngu Phu Quoc fish sauce 500ml HONG PHAT CO., LTD

Nam Ngu fish sauce is one of the famous Vietnamese seasonings produced by traditional methods, with carefully tested ingredients, guaranteed food safety and hygiene. Nam Ngu delicious fish sauce is a quality product, with reasonable price, for many years being honored as the Top 3 most chosen brands. Product category: Fish Sauce; Volume: 750ml

Nam Ngu fish sauce 500ml HONG PHAT IMPORT EXPORT CO., LTD

3.1. Nam Ngu fish sauce. Fermented in Nam Ngu, Phu Quoc, Nam Ngu fish sauce has been certified as one of the best fish sauce brands in Vietnam. The fish sauce contains more than 15 essential amino acids and is widely used as a marinating and seasoning ingredient for a lot of dishes.

How Nam Ngu Fish Sauce Is Made Vietnam Wholesale

Delicious fish sauce for public health name Chinsu Nam Ngu Fish Sauce 900ML. Drops of fish sauce extracted from fish sauce vat. Delicious fish sauce with a strong flavor, no need to add. It is not less than Masan Chinsu Fish Sauce. The product brings deliciousness, completeness, and feasting on meals for more than tens of millions of Vietnamese.

Nam Ngu fish sauce bottle 500/750ml Nước Mắm Nam Ngư Việt Nam 500

Nam Ngu Fish Sauce is produced by Chin-su's modern technology with a closed line with fresh anchovies ingredients to create a delicious, rich flavor and attractive color. Just a little bit of Nam Ngu fish sauce, you can mix it into many different sauces or increase the savory taste of the dish.

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