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Mexico Midget Heirloom Tomato Seeds Terroir Seeds

Mexico Midget Tomato. SKU: 287. $ 5.00. Status: 456 in stock. Mexican Midget Tomato No hybrid comes close to this variety for huge tomato flavor in small package. Plants are absolutely loaded with hundreds of ½" dark red fruits. An incredible flash of tomato flavor. Season after season, we are amazed as these plants crank out buckets of.


Tomato - Mexico Midget Seeds. $ 2.49 USD. Quantity. Add to cart. ADD TO WISHLIST. This south-of-the-border favorite continues to always prove its value as a salad tomato. These tiny red cherry tomato fruits have a big heirloom flavor and are sure to surprise your taste buds. The plant gets overloaded with trusses of 1/2" fruit that weigh it down.

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Ruby red fruits are super-sweet with a deep tomato flavor. Tiny tomatoes grow in elegant clusters. Plan for sprawling vines. 25 seeds minimum. Germination: 7-14 days. Maturity: 65-70 days. Start indoors 6 weeks before the last frost. Plant 1/4" deep in seed starting mix. Requires soil temperatures of 75-85F to germinate.

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Tatiana Kouchnareva (B.C KO T). Mexico Midget - ripe fruit. 2013-07-29. Indet. plants with long and lanky vines, with regular foliage typical for wild tomatoes, round red fruits ~1-1.5 cm in diameter. Good yield, reasonably early, and continues to produce until it is killed by frost. Very good intense tomato flavor.

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Growing Directions. Sow seeds 1/4″ deep, indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost. Transplant or sow directly outside 36″ apart, in full sun, when all chance off frost has past. Support with tall stakes or tall trellis, as cages are typically too short for this variety. Benefits from a fish emulsion,compost or manure.

Mexico Midget Tomato Seeds Heirloom Organic Tim's Tomatoes

The 'Mexico Midget' tomato has a very good flavor. And it is crack resistant (for the most part). It is still blooming and I pick around one quart every week. Reply to this comment. Posted by Katie (Roanoke, TX - Zone 8b) on Aug 18, 2013 11:40 AM concerning plant:

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Mexico Midget Tomato. $ 2.50 - $ 3.50. A very flavorful cherry variety, Mexico Midget tomato is a pleasure to grow whether you like cherry tomatoes in your salads or just for snacking on. Plants are about 5-6 feet tall, sometimes taller and produce a prolific crop of dime to nickel sized, full flavored cherries that will keep you snacking.

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Mexico Midget Tomato. $3.45 $3.95 -13% OFF. Add to cart. Add To Wishlist. Product description. The Seed Savers Exchange - Winner of SSE's 2014 Tomato Tasting. Hundreds of ½-¾" dark red cherry tomatoes on each plant. Huge tomato flavor for such small fruits. Great for salads or selling in pints.


Mexico Midget Tomato. SKU: TOMM107. Price $2.00. Quantity. Sold Out. Add to Wishlist. Indeterminate - An extremely productive and sprawling variety. It produces hundreds of 1/2" dark red fruits with a robust tomato flavor. Impressively intense flavor for such a small variety.

Mexico Midget Heirloom Tomato Seeds Terroir Seeds

Mexico Midget is the size of a pea - tiny tomatoes, big flavor. Pop one in your mouth and tomato taste explodes!The vigorous, healthy plants start producing early. Buckets of half inch red jewels keep coming right until first frost. Plants are so prolific that you might only need one. Maybe two.They're great sprinkled on salads, great for nibbling in the garden, and a sure fire hit at farmers.

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60 days. (Indeterminate) Mexico Midget tomato plants produce lots of ½-¾" dark red cherry tomatoes on each plant. Huge tomato flavor for such small fruits. A delicious snacking tomato. Easy to grow in a container. If you like the Wild Everglades tomato then you'll love Mexican Midget Tomatoes! Contains 15 heirloom seeds NEW ARRIVAL for 2024

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Mexico Midget: Common Name: Mexico Midget Tomato: Mexico Midget Tomato #00466. Write a Review. 30 seeds $3.45 Quantity; 250 Seeds $7.95 Quantity; 60-70 days. Old-time, south-of-the-border favorite. Tiny, red, cherry-type fruits weigh down trusses with prolific yields throughout an extended growing season..

Mexico Midget Heirloom Tomato Seeds Terroir Seeds

Cherry Tomato 'Mexico Midget' Lycopersicon lycopersicum. Upload Image Print Version View Gallery 2 photos. Upload Image. This is the largest, most prolific tomato plant I have ever grown. LOL based on the name of it, I figured it was the plant that was supp.

Dwarf Tomato Project Répertoire des Variétés Tomatofifou

Tomato, Mexico Midget. 22 Reviews. Select Size : Packet 50 seeds 250 seeds . SKU: 0109 . $3.95 to $8.66. Quantity discounts available . Quantity Price; Quantity -+ Add to Cart . Item Details. Winner of Seed Savers Exchange's 2014 Tomato Tasting. Hundreds of ½-¾" dark red cherry tomatoes on each plant. Huge tomato flavor for such small fruits.

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An excellent choice for home gardens. An heirloom variety from Mexico. Indeterminate. Lot No: 0109-5312. Germination: 98%. Test Date: 05/23. Seeds Per Pound: 128,000 Plant Height: 48 to 60" tall Planting Season: Spring Sunlight Requirement: Full Sun Planting Method: Indoor Sow. Tomato. Lycopersicon esculentum.

Mexico Midget Tomato Seeds Heirloom Organic Tim's Tomatoes

75 days. Big Tomato taste in a tiny package! This Mexican heirloom, super productive, robust indeterminate Tomato produces hundreds and hundreds of marble-sized, cherry-red fruits continuously until first frost for continuous snacking. The fruits have an intensely sweet, delicious beefsteak flavor! Seed takes a little longer to germinate, but your patience will be richly rewarded. (OP.) One.

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