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However, several years ago, Costco reworked the spiced liquor, and now it's made by Sazerac Co., as stated on the side of the bottle. This large company operates over 450 brands, including.

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While older renditions of Kirkland's spiced run were sourced from the Caribbean island of St. Croix, Costco reworked the liquor several years ago, and it's now made by Sazerac Co. This large.

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Kirkland Signature Original Spiced Rum Price : $14.99 The internet's opinion : It doesn't take much sleuthing to figure out which distillery is behind a booze when all you have to do is look.

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At $14.99, the Kirkland spiced rum is absolutely tinted with caramel coloring which, if you're just mixing it with coke, probably won't matter a whole lot, particularly when it comes to flavor.

Kirkland Spiced Rum Ratings

Kirkland Barrel Aged Panama 15-Year rum - rated #2618 of 11908 rums: see 5 reviews, photos, other Kirkland rums, and similar Aged rums from United States. Rums Discuss. A 15 year aged rum from anywhere will always peek my attention. Then when he told me the price, I immediately asked him to grab me a bottle. I opened it and experienced.

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Disastrous_Friend_85. • 4 mo. ago. Definitely a high dosage (added sugar) but certainly all the notes of an aged rum. Very good value at $19 in MA. r/Costco.

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Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum rating was calculated by to be 88 points out of 100 on 9/27/2022. Please note that MSRP may have changed since the date of our review.'s Review of Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum USA.

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56 Kirkland Spiced Ratings. Costco, where you buy your toilet paper. Not your rum. 5 /10. RE. RedBlaze6 (BASIC) 🇺🇸 | 26 ratings. Posted almost 8 years ago. Seems like this rum used a Costco sized serving of artificial flavors. Can't knock them too much for it because it says so on the label.

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Costco's signature spiced rum offers an enticing deal, and at 92 proof, it will get the party going. Still, some recent reviews suggest that the switch to Sazerac as the producer has negatively impacted the flavor of the product. While Kirkland's spiced rum certainly stands out as an economical choice, opinions on this potent liquor vary.

Got my first “quality” rum! This is a big leap from Kirkland Rum but I

Canadian Whisky ($19 for 1.75L) Consider this bulk bottle a great deal for your next party. This corn-forward dram is great for mixing into big-batch cocktails. And the sherry added to the blend.

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Kirkland Original Spiced Rum. We're no stranger to a quick rum and coke, and Kirkland's Original Spiced Rum is one of our favorites. With butter and vanilla on the nose, this St. Croix-made spiced.

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Costco's Kirkland Spiced Rum Maker Revealed. Posted: March 20, 2024 | Last updated: March 20, 2024.

Kirkland Spiced Rum Ratings

Prices for the Kirkland Tennessee whiskey have been reported anywhere from $18.99 to $36.99 but if you can pick it up for less than the price of a handle of good old reliable JD, it's definitely worth it.. The third type of booze included in Buzzfeed's blind taste test was the Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum versus Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.

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