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Draft Sheet Form. This is our instant, customizable fantasy football draft cheat sheet. Enter your fantasy football league settings below, and we will produce a sheet that values all players, based on the current expected statistics for each player. Our system is based on Value Over Replacement Player (VORP).

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If you give 1 point per 10 rushing/receiving yards, enter "0.1" in the rushing and receiving yards field. Click "generate sheet" at the bottom. You now have an interactive sheet. The "Value" column gives a player's draftability. Higher value=more draftable. Draft the guys with the highest Value number. You can click on a player.

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Kevin Genson (@beersheets) joins Jeff to show off how to use beersheets. To support Kevin and his sheets, please go to, and sign up with promo code.

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The 'Beer Sheet Replacement' as part of this post said my beer sheet would be available 'within 24 hours', and never generated.. Beer sheets does a good job of providing one free of charge for anyone who just asks for it. There are certainly better free options available, but BSs are easy to download and easy to use..

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BeerSheets is a community-driven fantasy football cheat sheet, meticulously crafted and updated to provide the most relevant player data for upcoming drafts. The brainchild of a passionate fantasy football community member known simply as "Beer4TheBeerGod," these sheets are the culmination of complex algorithms, player projections, and.

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Best beersheets replacement for being the closest to the OG.. Looks great! At a glance, 2QB skyrockets the value of QBs above what beer sheets used to do. In 12 team, Patrick Mahomes goes from 5.6 to 19.5 I don't have any old beersheets for comparison, but that seems like a massive increase over Justin Jefferson who stays at 9.2 in both.

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- 2WR (for now just use the 3WR sheets-- they should be close enough) -2 Flex (again, for now just use the 1 flex sheets) -1 PPR Superflex - Add free agents like Dalvin Cook _____ Meet the Draft Slayer Cheat Sheet. How to use it. It's a simple 3 step process, really. 1. Pick the player with the highest Tier.

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How To Use FA Sheets (Our Beersheets Replacement) August 11, 2023 - by Evan Hoovler - Leave a Comment. Hello! Beer is taking the year off to handle some real-life stuff. But we've been working hard with the Beersheets dev, and we have a replacement that does exactly the.. Read More.

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1.3K upvotes · 158 comments. r/fantasyfootball. "You are taking a full work week and cutting it in half almost," McDaniel said. "Short weeks, you are already putting your body through a blender. I felt good about what Raheem [Moster] and Jeff [Wilson] were bringing to the table.

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My beer sheet I just got has a TON of players who are, for example, showing an ECR of 5/1, are shaded blue, but they're nestled in amongst a lot of players showing ECRs of 4/1 or earlier who are neutral colored.. That's what got me thinking about rebaselining in the first place, but I guess your default "replacement player" isn't necessarily.

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The beer sheets give you a unique insight into each player's stats and how they will perform in the upcoming season. It's a unique way to track how well your team is doing, plus it's a fun way to socialize with friends and enjoy some cold ones. So grab some friends and grab some beersheets for a great night of fantasy football.


The Draft Slayer - Free tools to help you dominate your fantasy football draft.

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These are for vanilla, HPPR, 1 QB leagues. I plan to introduce customizable auction setting support in the second wave of the actual Beersheets Substitute Sheet. But if you have an auction coming up sooner than later with unusual settings, feel free to hop into our stream and ask (we are streaming mock auctions for the next few hours.)

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